We work on wicked leadership issues.

We are a leadership development consultancy that helps teams and leaders build capacity to transform themselves and their organisations.

Our Services

Leadership Consulting & Development

We work with the dynamic of groups to help them develop insights into what may be driving their effectiveness, and finding ways in which they can improve it.

Our goal is development of our clients’ capacity to be candid, effective and thoughtful. This in turn accelerates their learning and change, and leaves them more capable to deal with uncertainty and complexity of the modern workplace.

Conversation Design

We create and hold spaces where people can think with more clarity, act with more courage, develop and grow. 

We apply this craft to deliver educational experiences, strategic conversations, organisational transformations, innovation programmes, team offsites and other engagements that require aligning of many stakeholders, exploring of diverging views, dealing with conflicts and creating new possibilities and futures.

We help people and teams develop, so that they can design their lives and work, that gets them closer to their shared dreams.


Strategy is in every choice and action: from how the world get’s framed, to what is said and done.

A good strategy is a story that isn’t just told, but brought to life. It’s a story that is embodied by people who move with a shared intent. It gets built, it manifests – together.


Design is where intent meets life and strategy encounters the world. Good design isn’t just desirable or viable – it uncovers meaning.

We create spaces in which making and learning can happen together, in order to free up the creative potential that can hide behind walls of unexplored assumptions and violent politeness.


Our mission is to grow capacity to deal with an increasingly complex and overwhelming context. We believe that can be most effectively done by experiential approach.

Learning happens through reflecting whilst doing, in order to get underneath the surface and understand what is driving the behaviours that get in the way of our intent.